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HTC Shampoo and Conditioner

HTC Scalp Scrub

HTC Follicle Activator Serum (Non-Greasy) Apply on wet scalp

HTC Hair Growth Gummies +


Great use for all hormonal individuals. DHT blocking agents. Best used once a week for 6 weeks. Use every other week after 6 weeks. Scalp Scrub should only be used once a month (unless dermatitis is severe). Follow steps below:


Shampoo (rinse)

Use Scalp Scrub (part into sections and message. Then Rinse)

Shampoo (rinse)

Conditioner (leave on 3-5 minutes with steamer or longer without steamer. then rinse)

Apply Follicle Activator Serum (on to wet hair. Part into sections, then message. DO NOT RINSE)

Style as desired




*stop use if irritation occurs

*Results will be different for each individual

*Not intended to cure or diagnose any diseases 

HTC Hair Growth System+

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